Geleeo self-cooling pram stroller reversible liner - Australia

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Geleeo is the only self-cooling liner made for little ones in prams and strollers! No need to refrigerate or freeze, no batteries or power required! The proprietary hydrogel inside Geleeo provides a constant, gentle and soothing cooling sensation to keep your children cool and comfortable in their pram - no matter the weather. Geleeo liners are revolutionary, convenient, and eco-friendly.

Did you know? Geleeo is reversible. Select Pink/Grey or Blue/Grey and the choice is yours - changing colour is as simple as changing sides.

Geleeo - Blue/Grey
$89.95 $69.95Out of Stock
Geleeo - Grey/Grey
$89.95Out of Stock
Geleeo - Pink/Grey
$89.95Out of Stock
Geleeo - Tan/Grey
$89.95Out of Stock
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